ATM security surveillance technology combats attacks


2, 2020 Smart Technologies is adapting its system of cost-effective sensors, pressure pads, tags, beams and cameras to specifically address the increase in ATM attacks and cash-in-transit crimes in the U.K. The company’s ATM surveillance and anti-theft solutions broadcast both data and voice monitoring simultaneously, a major advantage for the ATM security industry, according to a press release.

This broadcast provides full, uninterrupted tracking and audio monitoring and has been used effectively in British courts to identify criminals. The technology monitors all key metrics pertaining to ATMs including cassettes and cash, with capabilities to report in real-time on key environmental changes such as vibration, acoustics, sound, power interruption, pressure, structural integrity, tilt, and motion. Whether criminals are drilling holes and using microcomputers to attack the ATMs or in many cases, removing the whole ATM unit, these early warnings of a change in the environment give an instant alert to law enforcement on attempts to penetrate, open, or move machines and their components.

Continuous updates can be sent to law enforcement agencies using multiple networks, including Smarter Technologies’ real-time Orion Data Network.

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