Security guard attacked in POS school

A 37-year-old security guard was attacked while posted at a prominent school in Port of Spain. 

The guard told investigators that at about 12.46am on Wednesday he was laying on a bench within the compound along Abercromby Street, watching a movie on his phone when a man in dark clothing hit him a sharp blow to his head.  

The men began fighting, but it ended when the suspect pushed the victim’s head to the ground, injuring his forehead before taking his phone, as well as a JanSport bag containing £500 in cash. 

The suspect then escaped by running out of the compound in an unknown direction.  

The guard was unable to give a further description of the suspect as the lights at the school were off at the time of the incident. 

The police were notified and officers from the Port of Spain Division responded. PC Lewis is continuing inquiries.

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