Little Rock police report officer-involved shooting UPDATE

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KATV says the disturbance began in the 1400 block of Cleveland.s UPDATE: Police Chief Keith Humphrey released some details at a 12:30 briefing, but took no questions. Advertisement

He said two officers checking a report of a man driving a car he wasn’t authorized to drive tried to question the man in the 1400 block of Cleveland. He wouldn’t exit the car and an officer with a gun drawn and an arm in the car reportedly was dragged several feet when the man tried to close the door and drive off. The gun discharged, the chief said.

Several blocks away, the car was found wrecked with the driver suffering a gunshot wound in the leg. He was taken to a hospital in critical condition. An officer suffered minor injuries, Humphrey said.

Advertisement The prepared release: “During the early morning hours of May 8th, 2021, Little Rock Police Officers responded to a “driving without owner consent” call in the 1400 block of Cleveland Street.

Officers arrived and discovered the vehicle in the driveway and made contact with a male subject inside the vehicle. The officers approached both the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle. The male driver was asked to submit proof of ownership.

He attempted, but eventually stalled and began to dispute with officers. As the officer tried to de-escalate the situation, the driver grew more aggravated and was then asked to exit the vehicle. The officer on the passen- gers’ side began to make his way towards driver’s side.

The driver then started the vehicle and put it in gear in an attempt to flee. “The moving officer, with weapon drawn, reacted. Meanwhile, the driver simultaneously attempted to close the door and the officer’s hand and weapon became stuck in the door.

During the struggle, the weapon was discharged. The officer was dragged approximately 15-20 feet before he was able to free himself from the moving vehicle. Meanwhile, the officer’s weapon remained in the vehicle as the driver sped away.

Officers located the vehicle a short distance away, wrecked. They cautiously approached the vehicle again. At this time the officers realized the driver was suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg.

The officer’s provided medical aid until EMS arrived. He was last reported in critical condition. One officer sustained minor injuries.

“Since this incident involves an officer discharging a weapon, an internal investigation has begun.

A separate criminal investigation is underway.”


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