New details: Farrah Abraham accuses Dominic Foppoli of ‘sexual battery’ in Palm Beach police report

Last week, Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli announced his resignation after Chronicle reporters contacted him with questions about a criminal investigation in Palm Beach, Fla. An attorney for Farrah Abraham, a 29-year-old social media influencer and former reality television star, said Foppoli had sexually assaulted her while they were both visiting the wealthy island town in March. Now, new details have emerged: A redacted version of the April 2 police report released Monday morning shows that the crime is listed as “sexual battery.” The weapon, according to the report, is “hands/feet/teeth.”

Spencer Kuvin, the West Palm Beach attorney representing Abraham, said that she was injured during the alleged assault. “Some of the evidence provided to police were photographs of the injuries she sustained,” he said. Chronicle Investigation: Dominic Foppoli Citing the active investigation, Kuvin said he could not share additional details.

He declined to answer questions about the nature of the relationship between Abraham and Foppoli prior to the assault. “He (Foppoli) will come up with as many ideas for the defense as possible and claim that it was all consensual even when it clearly was not,” Kuvin said. “So we are being intentionally careful with everything we share.” Foppoli did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday.

Abraham is one of nine women who have accused Foppoli, a 39-year-old politician and winemaker, of sexual assault or sexual misconduct. The allegations of four women, including groping and rape, first came to light in an April 8 Chronicle investigation. Foppoli has denied assaulting any women.

In announcing his resignation and denying Abraham’s allegation on Friday, Foppoli said in a statement that he “recently learned that a woman in Palm Beach, Florida is accusing me of non-consensual acts while I was visiting there in March of this year. She made her allegations after she learned of the April 8, 2021 San Francisco Chronicle story. I have no doubt she is making these allegations in an attempt to leverage the situation to her advantage.”

A police report for “sexual battery” dated April 2, 2021 was released Monday with redactions.

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Abraham filed her police report three days before Chronicle reporters first contacted Foppoli about their upcoming investigation, and six days before the article published.

Last month, in response to the Chronicle investigation, the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office launched a separate criminal probe into sexual assault allegations made against Foppoli, the co-owner of Christopher Creek Winery outside Healdsburg. Local authorities said they were in communication with detectives in Palm Beach. Kuvin said he expects the Florida investigation to unfold slowly, which he said is in line with his experience representing women in high-profile sexual assault cases.

His previous clients include women who brought civil cases against financier Jeffrey Epstein and actor Bill Cosby. Through her attorney, Abraham declined to be interviewed. The Chronicle does not typically identify alleged victims of sexual assault, but Abraham agreed to be named by the newspaper.

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Kuvin said that Abraham has been trying to stay calm as the criminal investigation moves forward; she recently returned from a trip he described as a “mental health break.”

“It’s difficult for her, given her high-profile nature, and she’s seeing a lot of things posted online that she would like to be able to respond to,” Kuvin said. “But she is doing as best as she can to stay away from the Internet, because there is also a lot of hateful things as well, which hurts her feelings.”

Foppoli and Abraham, who first rose to fame on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” series, both visited Palm Beach in March, The Chronicle previously reported. Abraham attended a dog rescue fundraiser at former President Donald Trump’s residence, Mar-a-Lago, while Foppoli promoted Christopher Creek Winery at various South Florida businesses, according to social media posts. Until The Chronicle sent him questions about Abraham’s police report, Foppoli had repeatedly and emphatically refused to resign his office.

Dozens of other North Bay politicians had demanded he step down; but because Foppoli was an elected official, he could only be ousted through limited means, including a recall election or a felony conviction. On Friday, Foppoli said, “I know that I will eventually be cleared of all wrongdoing, but I have come to appreciate that it will take time.” He said he would resign because he did “not want undue national attention to have a negative impact on the Windsor community because of lawful, but poor choices, I have made in the recent past.”

This story will be updated. Alexandria Bordas and Cynthia Dizikes are San Francisco Chronicle staff writers.

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