DAP councillor lodges police report over alleged smear campaign by party insiders

SEBERANG PERAI, Oct 12 — A DAP councillor from Seberang Perai City Council (MBSP) has lodged a police report over an alleged smear campaign against him, linking him to an assault case. David Marshel said an article was published by an online portal that alleged a “councillor” was involved in the assault against Penang Hindu Endowment Board executive director Datuk M. Ramachandran. 

He said the article did not mention his name but it was shared on social media along with a statutory declaration (SD) made by an individual linking his name to the assault case that happened in July this year.  “I found out about the statutory declaration on October 9 and immediately lodged a police report as it was clearly tarnishing my name by linking me to that crime,” he said during a press conference today.  He said he was advised not to hold any press conference on the issue as the police are investigating the case.

But he decided to reveal the alleged smear campaign against him when the SD was shared online, and through various social media platforms and messaging apps.  He claimed a former journalist had been spreading the SD and fake news linking him to the crime on various social media platforms, and that he had also lodged a police report against this individual.  “This is not an attack against me by other political parties, but by those within our party.

They are out to tarnish my name. Perhaps, this is due to the possibility that I may, depending on the party’s decision, become a candidate in the next elections,” he said.  He said he knows who this group of individuals are and has lodged police reports against them on numerous occasions, but no action has been taken against them. 

“I really hope the police will clear my name of these serious allegations made against me. I was never involved in the assault case. I have known Ramachandran even before I was involved in politics so I would never do such a thing,” he said. 

He claimed the accusations levelled against him were part of an ongoing campaign to discredit him that began early last year.  “I have lodged numerous police reports and reported them to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, but they were never brought to court. Each time, the cases were labelled as ‘no further action’,” he said.

He said that he believes those involved in the smear campaign against him are not only ambitious politicians within DAP, but also thought to be linked to criminal syndicates. 

He called on the police to take this case seriously, to thoroughly investigate the group and to clear his name of all the allegations made against him. 

“While I am not scared of this smear campaign against me, I am now worried for my safety and the safety of my family, so I really hope the police will investigate and take action against them,” he said.

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