Family wants justice for ‘cowardly’ assault on security guard

The security guard, aged in his 60s, suffered a serious head injury in the attack.

POLICE The security guard, aged in his 60s, suffered a serious head injury in the attack.

A security guard seriously injured in a “cowardly” late night attack in Flaxmere is still suffering from his injuries, and someone will know who the perpetrators were, police say.

Hawke’s Bay Police have used the Police Ten-7 television show to appeal for information that might lead to the identity of the two men who attacked the security guard in the early hours of September 4.

Detective Sergeant Darren Pritchard said the serious assault occurred between 2am-4am on the corner of Tarbet St and Korowai St.

The guard, aged in his 60s, was protecting a housing project under construction on a residential property and was being monitored regularly his control room. He was checked on at 2am and was fine.

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Some time after that, he noticed two men trying to gain entry into the locked construction site.

The men started to rattle the gate.

“He then passively approached them. He was very gentle in his approach. He was really keen to just get them to move on,” Pritchard said.

“A short time after that he stopped responding to calls from his control room.

Subsequently, a supervisor arrived and found the victim in his vehicle with a serious head injury,” he said.

The attack occurred outside a building site in Flaxmere.

POLICE The attack occurred outside a building site in Flaxmere.

Police arrived and found blood on the driver’s door of the victim’s car. Police did not believe robbery was the motive, Pritchard said.

“This was just a very, very serious assault on a vulnerable man,” he said.

There was limited information on the suspects’ descriptions, but it was known they were two males “and we know they were dressed in red and black clothing”.

“I have no doubt that they’ve gone away and told somebody about this incident happening.

I’m asking those people who know information about this to come forward. That can be done in total confidence,” Pritchard said.

“Flaxmere is a very tight community and I believe they would not accept this type of behaviour here. This has been a cowardly attack that’s left this victim with serious injuries.

The family is looking for justice, and we want to know who was responsible.”

Anyone with information should call 0800 107 INFO and select 3 to speak to the officer in charge.

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