Firechief 600G ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher FMP600 | Portable Home Fire Extinguisher With Wire Bracket | Powder Fire Extinguisher For Kitchen, Car, Garage And Campervan Safety

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  • MULTI-PURPOSE FIRE EXTINGUISHER: This extinguisher is effective against three classes of fire – Class A, B and C. This means it can be used safely for small fires involving combustible materials (wood or paper fires), flammable liquids (petrol or oil fires) or flammable gases (propane or butane fires). It is also suitable for use on electrical fires.
  • SMALL SIZE, BIG IMPACT: This portable extinguisher weighs less than 1.5kg and measures just 27cm in height. Combine this small size with its excellent fire ratings and it becomes the ideal fire extinguisher to have around the home, in the toolkit or to take out on a trip. This extinguisher is a convenient way to stay protected against the threat of fire.
  • INTUITIVE SQUEEZE-GRIP OPERATION: This fire extinguisher is designed for easy use by squeezing the handles together. Users should refer to the PASS method when using this extinguisher: PULL (the pin), AIM (at the base of the fire), SQUEEZE (the handles together) & SWEEP (the extinguisher from side to side).
  • SUPPLIED WITH WIRE BRACKET: This 600G powder extinguisher comes fitted with a transport-suitable wire bracket, so it can be installed on a wall or in a vehicle. When installed in a vehicle, this bracket keeps the extinguisher secure whilst the vehicle is moving. The stand will also support the extinguisher when stood on a flat surface, such as a workbench or worktop.
  • APPROVAL AND RATINGS: This extinguisher is approved by LPCB to British Standard EN3 (excluding minimum size requirement). The extinguisher carries the following fire ratings: 5A 21B C & Electrical fires.

Product description

Product Description

The Firechief 600g Powder Extinguisher is the smallest Extinguisher in the Firechief range. It stands 27 cm tall and packs a punch with its 5A 21B C ratings. Suitable for class A, B and C fires, it can tackle most small fires involving wood/paper, flammable liquids and electrical fires. With a transport-suitable bracket provided, it’s an ideal option for a caravan or other vehicle as it’s small & safe but still has a big impact. This product must be installed, commissioned and maintained by a qualified and competent person, in line with British Standard BS-5306.

Legal Disclaimer

This product must be installed, commissioned and maintained by a qualified and competant person, according to the standard BS5306

Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 27 cm; 1.2 Kilograms
Model: FMP600
Manufacture: Firechief
Origin: China