Man stabs security guard and punches woman in Apple Store over mask dispute: Video

A man in New York apparently stabbed a security guard and punched an employee at the Chelsea Apple store on Friday. The altercation allegedly began when a male security guard asked a man to put on a mask, police said. The man struck the security guard in the face, and the suspect left the store before returning, the video showed.

MARYLAND COUNTY ISSUES MASK MANDATE FOR CHILDREN AS YOUNG AS 2 The man had allegedly struck a female employee, prompting the security guard to intervene, according to the footage. The guard grappled with the man before the suspect took out a knife and stabbed him, then fled on foot, according to police.

The guard suffered a slash wound on his forehead, a stab wound on his left arm, and three stab wounds in his back, according to a report . He was taken to Bellevue Hospital. Witness Roberto Monticello was walking by the store when he heard a commotion and saw the security guard bending over and grabbing his wounds inside the store.

CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER “You don’t expect this on a beautiful day like this. You don’t expect these kinds of things,” Monticello said, according to the New York Post. “Why would you hurt somebody else?”

“It really bothered me to see someone getting hurt,” he added. “That was really not something I wanted to see.”

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