MASTER LOCK Light Up Dials Key Safe [Weatherproof – Outdoor] [With Shackle] [Medium Size] – 5424EURD – Key Lock Box

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About this item

  • LOCK BOX APPLICATION: for indoor and outdoor use ; flexible key box with shackle ; large Internal cavity allows secure storage for multiple keys and access cards.
  • EASE OF USE: resettable 4 digit combination for keyless convenience and large light up dials for better visibility in low light conditions. Large open lever for more comfortable use.
  • DURABLE DESIGN: the key safe has a metal body and a weather cover for durability, the shackle is covered with vinyl to prevent from scratching.
  • GREAT FLEXIBILITY: portable model with shackle, can be placed on doors, barriers, portals or fences. Very convenient for collective ownership and rental as no need to fix it to the wall.
  • SHARE YOUR KEYS: great solution for Airbnb and home rental, ideal to share keys with your family, roommates, care takers and home workers.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: (H x W x D) exterior dimensions 17,5 x 7,2 x 5,2 cm ; interior dimensions 8,8 x 5,7 x3,2 cm ; replaceable CR2032 battery (included).
  • LIMITED LIFETIME GUARANTEE: If the product or any part of it fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship at any time, Master Lock will repair or replace the product or part free of charge.
  • included components: 1 Key Safe + 1 Battery

Product description

Style Name:Light Up + Shackle |  Pattern Name:Key Safe

If you’re still hiding your spare keys under the doormat, it’s time for a better and more secure solution : Key Lock Box Select Access. Stop hiding your keys under a flower pot, use a Master Lock Key Safe to share access to your keys. The Master Lock Key Safe 5424EURD features a wide metal body for durability and accepts multiple house keys and access cards. The portable design offers removable installation. Thanks to the shackle it can be placed on doors, barriers, portals or fences. It is a very convenient solution for collective ownership and rental as there is no need to fix it to the wall. Set-Your-Own digit combination for keyless convenience and increased security, the 4-digit combination offers up to 10000 possible codes. The large and easy to use ligh-up dials bring better visibility in dark places. Dials light up each time the cover is opened. The protective cover protects combination from weather, dirt and grime. The key safe has a large opening latch for easier and faster one-handed opening. The Limited Lifetime Warranty provides peace of mind from a brand you can trust.

Weight: 570 g
Dimensions: 5 x 7.2 x 17.5 cm; 570 Grams
Model: 5424EURD
Part: 5424EURD
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Lithium
Manufacture: Master Lock
Quantity: 1

From the manufacturer

master lock, masterlock, select access, key safe
share keys

portable key safe
A safe solution

Secure your keys in the key safe and share the combination with your family and friends.

Share your keys with you rneighbours, family or friends

Stop hiding your keys under the doormat or under a flower pot

  • Main Residences
  • Seasonal Rentals – AirBnB
  • Estate Agents
  • Construction Sites
  • Large Industrial Sites

light up, combination, code, security

weatherproof, outdoor

portable, transportable, key safe


Great security

  • Light-up 4-digit set-your-own combination
  • Metal body

Outdoor use

Protective weather cover prevents freezing and jamming

Fixation Flexible

  • The portable design offers removable installation : gate, door, fences, car
  • Best used for seasonal rental (Airbnb), co-ownership, municipal spaces

Storage capacity

  • Interior dimensions : 8,8 x 5,7 x 3,2 cm
  • Hook to hang keys

5424EURD 5425EURD 5414EURD 5422EURD 5440EURD 5420EURD
5424EURD – Light-Up and Shackle Key Safe 5425EURD – Light-Up Key Safe 5414EURD – Reinforced Key Safe 5422EURD – Push-Button Key Safe 5440EURD – Bluetooth Key Safe 5420EURD – Adjustable Shackle
Master Lock 5424EURD 5425EURD 5414EURD 5422EURD 5440EURD 5420EURD
Level of Security Light-up 4-digit combination Light-up 4-digit combination 4-Digit set-your-own combinaison Push-button set-your-own combinaison Bluetooth or back-up combination Monitor activity 4-Digit set-your-own combinaison
Storage Capacity M – 8,8 x 5,7 x 3,2 cm et crochet M – 10,3 x 6,4 x 2,5 cm et crochet L – 10,1 x 6,4 x 3,2 cm S – 8,5 x 6,1 x 1,2 cm et crochet M – 9,4 x 6,2 x 2,5 cm S – 8,5 x 6,1 x 1,2 cm
Weatherproof Plastic cover against weather Plastic cover against weather Zinc protective cover Plastic cover against weather X Plastic cover against weather
Mounting type Shackle Wall mounted (screws included) Shackle Shackle Shackle Adjustable Shackle
master lock, masterlock, key safe, select access