QNAP QVR Center 2.0 security surveillance solution with failover recording

QNAP has launched a new subscription service this week offering a security surveillance solution offering fully centralized cross server management and failover recordings. The QNAP QVR Center 2.0 service can be used to centrally manage up to 256 servers with automatic N+M failover to reduce the risk of data loss and is available in 3 subscription plans. The QNAP QVR Center security surveillance service allows cross-server management of all current QNAP surveillance solutions, including the QVR Elite, QVR Pro, and QVP series NVR.

With failover recordings enabled if a recording server fails, QVR Center automatically allocates a standby server to take over recording tasks and live-view footage storage, reducing the risk of data loss. Nina Yeh, Product Manager of QNAP explains more. “As a business expands, the demand for large-scale surveillance camera deployment arises.

QVR Center is a surveillance solution which lets enterprises easily monitor and manage all surveillance servers. Many multi-location businesses, such as retail stores and banks, have entrusted the task of centrally managing their digital assets with our current version, QVR Center 1.2. The newly-launched QVR Center 2.0 extends the design concept ‘understand the situation easily’ to several core features, enabling administrators to monitor and manage live-view and recorded footage through a single interface.

QVR Center 2.0 also supports recording server failover, allowing multiple servers to be set as failover servers to ensure near-continual recording.” For more information on the new QNAP QVR Center 2.0 security surveillance subscription service jump over to the official QNAP site by following the link below. Source : QNAP

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