Recoil Knee Pads for Work – Professional Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Kneepads for Construction, Tiling, Flooring, Roofing and General DIY

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About this item

  • KNEEL FOR HOURS PAIN FREE Utilising our unique Recoil 6 spring technology we ensure you are as safe and comfortable as possible when you kneel
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN Our kneepads have been tested and were found to reduce pressure on your knees by 76%
  • COMFORTING FOAM AND ADJUSTABLE STRAPS We use a High Density EVA foam and layer of neoprene Our straps are soft but durable – less chaffing on the legs
  • BUILT TO ENDURE These kneepads are tough enough for concrete and forgiving enough for soft wood floors
  • RECOIL QUALITY ASSURANCE Here at Recoil we assemble our kneepads by hand to ensure the quality so in the unlikely event you have an issue you can rest assured that we will solve it

Product description

Colour Name:Black With Grey Face

Product Description

The professionals choice for knee protection Recoil Kneepads are the first of their kind to use a Spring Suspension system to protect your knees from the pressure of kneeling for hours on any surface These knee pads are perfect for using whilst – Tiling – Floor Laying – Roofing – Welding – Carpentry and many other construction or DIY tasks Engineered for her father Vicky designed these to reduce the risk of developing nasty knee injuries and diseases like arthritis “housemaids knee” known as bursitis and overall wear and tear If you are serious about protecting your knees get a set of Recoil Kneepads today

our knee pads are suitable for use on flat surfaces such as tiled floors, softwoods/hardwoods, flat roofs, gravel, garden paths etc. Please note it is not recommended to use the knee pads on pitched roofs.

Please do not over tighten straps. Overtightening of straps can result inproper blood circulation.

Manufacturer Contact Information

Weight: 449 g
Dimensions: 28 x 26 x 13 cm; 449 Grams
Model: RK01
Part: RK01
Colour: Black With Grey Face
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: VH Innovation Ltd
Colour: Black With Grey Face
Quantity: 1

From the manufacturer

Recoil knee pads
Recoil Knee Pads in use

Recoil Knee Pads for Work.

Heavy Duty, Professional Knee Protection for a variety of construction work and DIY tasks.

Knee Pads

Patented Spring System Technology Kneepads

Scientifically Proven to Reduce Knee Pressure by 76%

Our 6-spring suspension system makes our kneepad design unique and is what differentiates us from other knee pad brands. Our Recoil Technology absorbs initial kneeling impact when your knee hits the ground. With 6 points of contact between your knee and the ground our spring system will then ensure the pressure on your knee is more evenly spread across the whole knee joint rather than being focused on one central point as you would experience if wearing no knee pads.

PLEASE NOTE: We have been made aware of an issue with the hook and loop fastener used on the elasticated straps that has affected some of our Recoil Knee Pads.

We are confident this issue has now been resolved by the introduction of new and improved straps. However, if you have been affected by this issue in the past or receive a pair of pads from Amazon or an alternative seller that utilises the older style straps, please reach out to us directly. We will get this issue resolved for you quickly.

Features & Benefits

  • Patented (US10441008B2) 6 Spring System – 76% Less Pressure on the Knees (Riches, 2014)
  • Soft, fully adjustable Hook & Loop Straps – Suitable for a variety of leg sizes
  • Pivoting Design – Makes moving across a floor easier
  • 1/2 inch thick knee hugging foam – provides a comfortable, soft surface to cushion your knees
  • Flat Outer Surface – Provides stable platform on which to kneel
  • Two Strap System – Wear with Shorts or with Trousers
recoil knee pads

Designed for a Carpenter Suffering from Severe Knee Pain

Founded in 2013, Recoil Kneepad are a game changing pair of kneepads for the professional trades and construction industry. Often described as like ‘kneeling on a cloud’, this kneepad was designed by the daughter of a Carpenter, Gordon Hamilton, who was suffering from arthritis. Gordon had complained of severe pain and discomfort in his knees and had been unable to find suitable kneepads on the market. His daughter, a product designer, was inspired to develop a solution to aid her Dad at work and allow him to continue in the occupation he loves and has known all his life.

What our current customers have to say….

Knee pads for tilers

knee pads for roofers

knee pads for tiling

Kris, Specialist Tiler

Every time it leaves me feeling like I've not been on my knees at all, no redness, no soreness, no aches or pains when getting up off them!

David, Flat Roofer

It's like a shock absorber for your knee which is amazing.

Ben, Specialist Tiler

I'm no longer fretting about the future as I really feel that if I make sure I wear the pads then my knees will be fine