Sabah health director lodges police report against woman over ‘aggressive’ behaviour

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Health Director Dr Rose Nani Mudin says she filed a police report against a woman several days after a road accident due to her allegedly aggressive behaviour. Dr Rose Nani said she had called the police to her office on Monday (Oct 4) after the woman, who goes by the name Shima on social media, came to her office building to look for her. She added that a report was lodged as she feared for her safety and that of her staff.

In a statement, she explained that the accident occurred near the city at about 9.55pm on Sept 27 when she was on the way home from work. Dr Rose Nani said she followed the necessary procedure, which was to lodge a police report and then let her insurance company follow up. She said that on Sept 28, the woman came to her office to make several claims from her staff over the accident.

Her staff told Shima that the matter would be handled by the insurance company and advised her to refer to it for further details. On Monday, Shima reportedly went to the director’s office again to meet her but Dr Rose Nani was in a meeting. “I was told that she was aggressive and that was why I decided to lodge a police report,” Dr Rose Nani said.

Shima also took to social media to complain about the way things were handled, saying she only wanted to meet Dr Rose Nani to settle some matters regarding the accident. Kota Kinabalu acting police chief Supt George Rakman said the matter was a simple traffic case and as in most situations, the parties involved would need to go to a police station to lodge a report. From there, statements would be taken and the one in the wrong would have to inform their insurance company for repair and claims purposes.

“Everything will be handled by the insurance company.

There is no need for the parties involved in the accident to meet,” he said.

He added that police would not be filing criminal charges against anyone as yet.

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