Testing Ground: Kangaroo Security Kit a solid, affordable option


9–As the holidays near, whether you rent or own a home it’s likely you’ll need a security system to make sure your packages aren’t stolen and to keep track of who’s outside your door. While I know some people love them, I have my issues with Ring Home Security and Amazon’s Blink cameras and their ties to bigger government and law enforcement agencies that I don’t want in my business unless I’ve been burglarized. I settled with Kangaroo Security (£25 to £199, heykangaroo.com), a less-flashy, more affordable line of home security equipment that gets the job I need done at my apartment, namely checking on who comes near my door.

The Front Door Security Kit, its premium product at £119, comes with a doorbell camera, siren/keypad, motion-entry sensors and tags to disable the system. If you want to monitor one door, as well as track the motion of two windows or sliding doors and get warned when they’re triggered, this is the system for you. Kangaroo’s doorbell doesn’t have the flair of something like the Ring doorbell system, where it can record video or communicate with the person outside.

It takes a series of pictures of the person who comes across the doorbell and can send them to your phone immediately. Depending on the time of day (as it takes better pictures in the light than night), the photos are usually clear enough to get a good view of the person. The motion sensors also do their job, working with the chime to beep when a window or sliding door is opened or closed, and the siren is loud as all heck.

Installation for all of the devices is simple. Unlike a Simplisafe or Ring device, you don’t have to hardwire anything or read through lengthy instructions. You either screw or adhere the doorbell to the outside wall (which has its drawbacks of being easier to dismantle than a Ring).

The sensors have adhesive that makes them easy to stick to the sides of windows or sliding doors. They all connect via Bluetooth and wi-fi, which the Kangaroo app helps set up through easy-to-follow guides. While it suggests a subscription, it’s not required.

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Having used Kangaroo for about a year, my complaints are minimal. I wish the photos were a little bit clearer and immediately loaded to my phone (they take about 20 to 30 seconds to download).

As mentioned, it is easier to tamper with than a hardwired security system. Thankfully, the alerts are urgent enough that if someone was outside my door, I’d know and would be able to take quick action. As a renter who can’t mess too much with my apartment’s exterior and wants to save some money, Kangaroo is a very solid security solution.

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