What career opportunities await the next generation in security?

The security industry already has so much to offer the next generation of professionals! While the security guards in bomber-jackets cliche was never really true anyway, there are now huge opportunities for highly trained technical professionals, including software and hardware engineers, app developers and network specialists. The security industry is also a perfect place for eager young workers, who are looking for apprenticeships.

Because we need employees who understand the business challenges and needs, just as much as the technical or theoretical/academic side, it’s the perfect opportunity for both sides to get the talent required and build a solid career path. We also offer apprenticeships to graduates, as well as school graduates, giving them a rounded introduction to the world of work. There are opportunities for virtually any skillset that the next generation may wish to use.

Equally, security is prevalent across most sectors, including hospitality/entertainment, travel, retail, engineering, construction and utilities, etc.

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