LaCie Mobile SSD Secure

Setting up the drive doesn’t take long, although you do have to decide on how you want to use the drive. The drive comes ExFat formatted, so one of the first steps I took after running through the initial steps was to reformat into a mac file system. Through macOS Disk Utility I found that there were only four format options two mac and two windows.

This is likely due to the hardware security built into the drive and doesn’t enable the latest APFS format to be used. Reformatting as macOS Extended (Journaled) was easy enough, and after the format, Lacie Toolkit recognised the drive as before.

The only difference is that the drive will no longer be recognised on PC machines without specialist software. Once formatted the security kicks in every time the drive is connected. To access it’s a case of entering a password each time.

However, activate the Trusted Computer option and on trusted machines with the LaCie Toolkit installed the drive is instantly recognised and unlocked. Another feature that I like is the Mirror option; this enables you to select a choice of mirrored folders on the drive. This is useful for backup; for example, download images from a shoot to your laptops images folder, and then the drive will automatically back those up to a mirror folder on the drive.

It’s very slick and easy to use. Using the drive as a backup works well, and the speed makes transfers for this capacity nice and quick. My only feeling is that this is a very expensive drive, and while it works exceptionally well as a backup solution, it is costly for that type of use.

The other option that makes full use of the SSD technology and USB 3.1 Type-C speed is for the Lacie to be used as a working drive. Editing a few HD videos from a Canon C100 MKII with Final Cut Pro X worked seamlessly. Read and Write speeds were more than sufficient to keep up with what was required.

Switching to 4K footage from a Sony FS7, the small drive ploughed through the content, edits and grading without issue. The drive might be small in size but proved powerful in speed and reliability when in use. Checking the transfer speeds with Black Magic Disk Speed Test and proved the capabilities of the drive.

Read: 845MB/s
Write: 928MB/s

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