Profit-protection boost for Footasylum with Morphean’s new cloud-based BI solution

An innovative business intelligence solution developed by Morphean, a pioneer in Security-as-a-Service and cloud analytics, has helped Footasylum to dramatically reduce the number of delivery items reported missing by customers by 50%, and improve its courier success rate by 25%.  The video surveillance system, comprising network video cameras in parking areas, and utilising cloud-based analytics, now allows delivery queries to be checked and verified at the click of a button, representing significant savings while greatly improving the customer experience.

Replacing analogue solution

Footasylum, fashion streetwear and sportswear retailer with over 65 stores across the UK, has upgraded its legacy video surveillance solution to help transform distribution services, providing full visibility and accountability for packed and dispatched items and their related transactions. Footasylum has upgraded to a video surveillance solution to help transform distribution services

Replacing a dated legacy analogue solution with no tracking capabilities means that Footasylum’s customer experience staff no longer has to undertake the time-consuming task of manually searching for order details (that could take up to 30 minutes) in the event of a customer dispute.

Lack of tracking missing parcels

Chris Shelmerdine, Warehouse Profit Protection Manager at Footasylum, explains, “We ship a great number of parcels from our warehouse directly to customers daily. Our biggest challenge has been that many customers would send us queries about parcels, notably that items were missing from their deliveries. This was of great concern.”

Lacking vital proof that an order had been picked, packed, and dispatched correctly with a courier left Footasylum with little choice but to refund orders time after time, resulting in a loss.

Video surveillance solution

The profit protection team needed a greater overview of the packing and delivery process so that they could understand where problems were occurring, ensuring full accountability. The new system provides evidence of all transactions backed by a high-quality video which can be retrieved immediately when required and securely shared instantly with all relevant parties.

Better customer experience

The new transaction-checker solution gives the ability to link packing processes to video data” Paul Green, Head of UK Sales at Morphean, comments, “Footasylum wanted to streamline its operations and ensure that it could deliver a better service for customers.”

“The new transaction-checker solution gives Footasylum the ability to link packing processes to video data. This provides accountability and security for every order. It’s a great result for Footasylum to reduce missing item queries by 50% and increase its delivery success rate by 25%.” Chris Shelmerdine concludes, “Every team has benefited from this solution, from the customer experience team to the profit-protection team.

But the customer is at the heart of what we do, so most importantly for us, the customer experience has improved.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent products and giving the consumer the most convenient and hassle-free experience we possibly can.

Morphean’s transaction-checker solution has helped us achieve this.”

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