SK and Asean strengthen maritime security ties

November 12, 2021

SK and Asean strengthen maritime security ties

Tin Sokhavuth / Khmer Times Share: Cambodia, as the incoming chair of the Asean community, is committed to cooperating with South Korea to ensure security at sea and to collaborate with each other on emergency relief missions.

During the virtual meeting between national defence ministers of Asean and South Korea, which took place on Wednesday, Defense Minister General Tea Banh discussed issues relating to multilateral cooperation, in terms of fighting non-traditional nautical threats such as piracy and maritime disaster rescue, with his counterparts. Overall, Gen Banh said that the meeting had significantly strengthened military ties between Asean and South Korea, and that they were in a better position to combat all kinds of crimes and to build a community that could move forward, together.

“The relationship between Asean and South Korea has developed through many different dialogues conducted since 1989. As a result, South Korea earned the right to be a conversational partner with Asean in 1991 and became a strategic partner in 2010,” said Gen Banh. According to the Cambodian National Defence Ministry, the relationship between Asean and South Korea plays a crucial role in protecting peace, progress and stability in the region.

The ministry added that South Korea has been a great contributor to the capacity-building of Asean member countries for some time, particularly in the defence sphere.

SK and Asean strengthen maritime security ties


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