Succession Season 3: Why Kendall Is So Scared Of The Security Guard

Kendall Roy’s dramatic reaction to a Waystar RoyCo security guard is a key moment in Succession season 3 episode 3. After his semi-triumphant return to the office, Kendall’s fearful expression seems strangely out of sync with the rest of his over-confident and buoyant behavior throughout the series. However, looking back at Kendall’s character arc throughout the previous two seasons, it’s clear that the security guard represents more than the threat of physical intimidation from his father.

Kendall’s journey over the course of the series has arguably been the most dramatic of any character. After initially attempting to assume control of the company from his father, Kendall then found himself siding with Logan Roy’s adversary and fellow media mogul Sandy Furness. However, as he was on the verge of completing a hostile takeover, his struggles with addiction led him to kill a passenger in his car, at which point Logan brought him back into the fold.

Throughout Succession season 2, Kendall struggled with his mental health before eventually going to war with his father once again when he was offered up as a “blood sacrifice” in a criminal investigation of the company. Related: Who Is Ziwe?

Succession Talk Show Host & Real-Life Comparison Explained Since his explosive press conference at the end of season 2, Kendall has been an energetic, erratic figure – committing to bold PR stunts and provocative action. However, his bravado cracked during episode 3 when he came face to face with Colin – Logan’s security guard and body man.

While some characters may have interpreted Kendall’s change in behavior as a symptom of Colin’s imposing presence, the real reason he reacted so strangely is that it was Colin who headed the clean-up operation after his hit-and-run incident. This encounter, therefore, is a direct and unnerving reminder of Kendall’s previous wrong-doing.


Coming face to face with his guilt in such a visceral way, along with Colin’s chilling warning of “I know you“, shatters Kendall’s illusion of self-assurance. This is a telling moment in the context of Succession season 3, as much of Kendall’s behavior has seemed out of character for the self-serious businessman that first appeared during the show’s early episodes.

His interaction with Colin proves that Kendall’s newfound mania is in fact just a facade. This revelation, while in some ways unsurprising, has major implications for his motivations throughout the season. One of Kendall’s most commonly cited reasons for going against his father and exposing the corruption at the heart of Waystar is his stated desire to do the right thing and make a difference.

In conversations with his siblings and the media, this has been expressed as a wish to make the company a force for good in the world. However, his response to Colin proves that there is in fact a deeper motive at play. Beyond the legacy of his family’s company, it’s clear that Kendall himself still feels incredibly guilty over the death of his victim, Andrew Dodds.

Therefore, his determination to change Waystar at the expense of his family is also a way to absolve himself.


This is far from the first time that Kendall has expressed remorse over his actions. His grief and culpability explain his descent into drug use during Succession season 2, as well as his broken persona prior to the infamous press conference. But, while on the surface he seems like a man reborn, his reaction to Colin proves that he has not overcome his actions.

Kendall’s fear is about much more than being unmasked as a killer. Instead, it suggests that it takes more than privilege and power to move on from the past. More: Succession Season 3, Episode 3 Has No Winners, Only Losers

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