Aitec Keychain Light

Light Type: LED
Light Class: Keychain
Short Description:

AT1670L – Photo courtesy of Aitec. Used with permission.

The 1670L keychain light is made by Aitec Co.,Ltd.

The body of this light is made of machined anodized aluminum and is available in anodize colors of blue, black, silver or red. The LEDs are available in blue, green, white, and UV. The model tested was silver with a white LED.

The light is opened by unscrewing the tailcap to replace the batteries (3 x LR44 button cell). It has a side switch and a flat tailcap which would allows it to stand on end if you were to remove the keychain attachment. The body has ribs near the tailcap and the head of the light has a step-like series of rings at its base. A slight grooved microtexture can be felt on the entire length of the body which helps with grip. The side-switch has a rubber cover to assist with water resistance and the light is sealed with O-rings for water resistance at each point of potential entry. A very slight click is heard when operating the switch.

Attached to a hole in the tailcap is a lobster-claw type keychain attachment on a swivel.

Size Reference
Size vs. common aluminum 2-AA light 

Bezel picture
Beam Profile
Detailed Information:The 1270L is a nice little keychain light. It’s a bit large for carrying in your pocket but would suit well clipped to your gear.

The body is very nice in appearance and it almost looks like a fashion accessory. The machining is good and the anodize is clean. The keychain attachment is made from fairly thick metal and seems to have enough strength that losing the light is improbable unless it really gets hung up on something.

The bezel contains a plastic lens, a slivered plastic reflector and the single LED. Output is good with a slightly stronger bluish tint than I usually see in 5mm Security Quality LED lights. The reflector seems to do a good job of projecting some extra light forward that would normally be lost.

The switch is a simple click switch under a rubber cover. It protrudes rather high above the surface of the body and as a result could be subject to accidental activation.

The light is sealed with O-rings, giving it a good degree of water resistance. If it does get wet, just shake it off. Dry it out if necessary.

The 1270L takes 3 LR44 button cell batteries which are accessed by unscrewing the tailcap. Replacing the batteries can be a bit of a pain as they like to try to flip over when you drop them in. It seems easiest to stack them, negative up, on the edge of a table, lower the light onto the batteries and slide them off the table onto your finger. Then invert the light (with your finger still holding the batteries inside the tube) and replace the tailcap. Battery life is unknown.

Sorry for the brevity, but there just isn’t much more to say about this little keychain light.

What I Liked: Water resistant, Decent brightness, Lightweight, Nice keychain attachment.

What I Didn’t Like: Difficult battery change, A bit big for the pocket.

Other Things I Noticed: Unscrewing the head will focus the light beam, but the head is so loose in this condition that it will likely fall off. Keep it tightened down.

Conclusions: A nice little gift for folks that is a little classy. Effective as a light, but a bit large if you keep your keys in your pocket.