Wolf Aluminum 9 LED Flashlight

Light Type: LED
Light Class: General Use
Short Description:

This little light has 9, yes count them, 9 LEDs built in which are powered by 3 AAA batteries in a special carrier. This gives the Wolf brand “Aluminum 9 Security Quality LED Flashlight” the potential to be a very bright and handy pocket light.

The body of the light is made of aluminum and had knurling for improved grip on the body, tail, and head. A plastic lens and rubber seal are used to protect the LEDs in the head of the light from the entry of water. 9 LEDs sit in a circle (with one in the middle) inside the head, resting in a silvered reflector. Resistors are used to limit the current to the LEDs.

The tailcap has a rubber capped clickie switch and an attachment point for the included finger lanyard (too small for the wrist). Unscrewing the tailcap exposes the battery carrier which holds 3 AAA batteries (included) which power the light.

Size vs. common aluminum 2-AA light (top)
Bezel picture
Beam Profile
Detailed Information:Well, this review has undergone a major update. It appears that the first light I received for review was VERY defective. The manufacturer forgot to place the reflector inside the light head, which served as a standoff for the Security Quality LED board. As a result, the LEDs were crushed against the lens of the light when assembled. A new sample was received and this one works very nicely.The body of the light is aluminum and is anodized with a Type II finish. The knurling is good and does provide a reasonable gripping surface.

The bezel consists of the LEDs on a circuit board behind a plastic lens. A silvered plastic reflector surrounds and is penetrated by the LEDs.

Output is in a wide spot of bluish tinted light with a nice soft surround as a result of the reflector catching the sidespill light from the LEDs and casting it forward. Overall, it has really good output for its size and power source.

The switch is a great little clickie tucked beneath a rubber cap. The switch is designed so that accidental activation is very unlikely. You have to push into the switch far enough that activation pretty much has to be intentional.

There are O-ring seals on the tailcap, head, and lens, but I’m not too sure about how well they engage. I’d rate it as water resistant, possibly dunkable.

Batteries are inserted into a little carrier before they are put into the light. The carrier has a spring on the front which makes contact with a large solder contact bump inside the head of the light. The spring has a sharp tip that protrudes enough that it erodes the solder contact it touches every time it is inserted and the tailcap tightened. By bending the tip inward with a fine pair of needlenose pliers, the erosion of the solder bump is minimized. Be careful, though! The spring may pop right out of the carrier and can be a little tricky to put back. Luckily it can be put back without disassembling the carrier.

I would also like to note that the solder they used seems very soft, melts very easily, and is rather dark in color. I suspect a high lead content, so if you decide to do any soldering with the existing solder joints in this light, do so in a well ventilated area and do not breathe in the vapors.

What I Liked: Water resistant, Impact resistant, Bright

What I Didn’t Like: Construction cheesy, but nothing serious, Uses a battery carrier which is something I really don’t care for in any light.

Conclusions: An OK little pocket light with decent light output and a compact design.